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Entrepreneurship Career Centre
    Entrepreneurship Career
Entrepreneurship Career Centre (ECC) is a non-profit dedicated to entrepreneurship career development research, training, coaching, mentoring, advocacy and education.  We showcase, promote and celebrate worldwide aspects of entrepreneurship career opportunity identification and development.  
The wealth of a nation depends on resourceful humans who develop the economy through entrepreneurship. The ECC encourages society to action implementable support for an entrepreneurial economy. This is a desirable goal, and alongside the development of empirical and theoretical contribution, provides a great rationale for our organisation.        
We plan to impact the world through positioning entrepreneurship as a viable career and employment choice for millions. Hence, we design and implement programs that facilitate entrepreneurial education, the perception, supply of entrepreneurs, ability and the competence needed to sustainably start and operate feasible businesses, raise potentials, and alleviate poverty. Additional to researching and advocating policies that create an enabling environment to accommodate all forms of enterprise to enhance work and wealth creation. We aim to enable understanding that the entrepreneurial spirit is not about materialism but building social and economic value that develops humans and nations.    
    Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world (Nelson Mandela)    
  ​ Entrepreneurship is based on the same principles, whether the entrepreneur is an existing large institution or an individual starting his or her venture singlehanded
(Peter Drucker)
Entrepreneurship Career Centre (ECC) 
How we contribute and encourage entrepreneurship careers
  • Entrepreneurship career development
  • Research and policy contribution
  • Encouraging youth entrepreneurship
  • Literacy to alleviate poverty
  • Entrepreneurship resource design
  • Curriculum development
  • Vocational training
  • Building capacity through Edtech
  • Entrepreneurship Consultancy 
  • Training, coaching and mentoring, training trainers
  • Human capital and capacity development
  • Supporting widows and orphans vocational training
  • Economic and social development advocacy/empowerment
  • Edutainment and gamification
  • Entrepreneurship career events
Career Drivers
Entrepreneurship careers  change the world, create wealth, alleviate poverty, feed generations &  develops society.