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   ​​   The historic unveiling of the “1Million Entrepreneurs Book Donation Launch & Poverty Alleviation” project takes place On "Poverty Eradication Day" 17th October 2017. The Entrepreneurship Career Centre (ECC) will honour and Award Humanitarian Leaders proceeding to unveil projects that feed the mind and body. 4OurGem to feed widows, orphans, IDP's, Literacy to Alleviate Poverty (L2AP) and the One Million Entrepreneurs Book Donation programme for the unemployed, students, graduates, MSME's to develop valuable life, career employability, intrapreneurship and entrepreneurship skills. Email Us or Register today by clicking on this link
          ​​​​​​​​This One Million Entrepreneurs Book Donation Project plans to contribute to producing entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs (competent employees) enabling society adopt the entrepreneurial spirit.     

“The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows” (Sydney J. Harris)  

   ECC believes entrepreneurship also teaches employability skills, and this concept of the entrepreneurial spirit impacts all aspects of life and enhances societal achievement.

ECC advocates policy-makers invest, develop and implement more policies, infrastructure, incentives, career counselling and entrepreneurial education programs at all levels to encourage an entrepreneurial and competitive society. Likewise, an enabling regulatory environment would be beneficial to accommodate all forms of enterprise to enhance job creation, employability skills and wealth creation. ECC contributes to the awareness required for the entrepreneurial career to be understood and respected by all levels of society. 

We are currently fund-raising to ease donation but also collating July & October 2017 book recipients. 
This Entrepreneurship & Employability book donated encourages the development of entrepreneurship and employability capacity in beneficiaries. To recieve your FREE book copy, sponsor or partner email us today @ info@entrepreneurshipcareercentre.org with the title "One Million Entrepreneurs".